Dr. Sumesh Babu
 “We wish to express that M/s. Conceptual Design studio is associated with us from the year 2012onwards, in designing our projects, approximately around 3.5 Lakhs Sq.Ft, and the necessary documentation and taking some of the statutory approvals from the concerned departments. We are very happy to say that it was a relief during the process that they were like a part of our team and they understand the needs and the flexibility according to our taste and requirement. We do not have any hesitation to recommend them for any higher responsibilities..” 
Sri. T Balakrishnan, IAS (Rtd)
 M/s Conceptual and Design Studio (CDS) has been associated with Inkel Ltd since last couple of years starting with Inkel Tower2 Project at Angamaly and followed up with City Centre Project at Trivandrum. M/s CDS is executing in excess of 5 Lakhs Sq.Ft. project with us and we found them adaptable, professional and innovative, yet sticking to the fundamentals of building architecture. Wishing M/s CDS all success. 
Sri. Deepak Madhavan
 We have been associating with M/s Conceptual Design Studio (CDS) in regard to our new hospital block for In Patients Rooms from 2011. I found Arch. Jacob very update on facts and Practical in Design Conceiving listening to our needs and specification. I find his design practical, adaptable to the location and modern, without losing focus on the core needsof our hospital. I recommend him and CDS for any projects. Thank you